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Ling source lamp act the role ofing

Address: Floor:7 Area: A No:016-017

Operate: Modern desk lamp, personal floor lamp, retro personality chandelier, fan floor lamp, light bulb, acrylic light

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Guangdong hongxing yanju

Address: Floor:5 Area: C No:017

Operate: Lighter, ashtray, card case, cigar lighter, wine pot, Arabia water bottle, cigarette case, cigar box, pipe, cigar appliance, matches.

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The gift is Shinny Gifts.

Address: Floor:16 No:16

Operate: It provides various kinds of metal products such as jewelry boxes, make-up mirrors, various kinds of craft gifts of toothpicks, wedding gifts, and welcome OEM/ODM to come to detail.

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Mind garden

Address: Floor:2 Area: A No:080

Operate: Professional sales of major brands in the country a wild goose cube: C (Dayan) MF8 cube Rubik's cube cube master (Shengshou) GAN (Moyu) and culture cube Yuxin cube (YX) cup stacking ennova cube (YJ) cube cube lattice (Mufangge) intelligence paradise desktop game War Within Three Kingdoms micro product wood buckle and other intellectual puzzle toys

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Panama Shop

Address: No address

Operate: No main

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Play the old copper

Address: Floor:8 Area: A No:025

Operate: Copper Buddha, Guanyin copper, copper Guan, copper copper copper Ksitigarbha, kylin, brave, copper toad, copper elephant, copper tripod censer, Candlestick, copper, copper cup, cow, horse, carved bronze objects, bronze, copper, copper table, chair, copper lock

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Hong Kong (POPOBE)

Address: Floor:4 Area: A No:072

Operate: Zaikou bear, bear box, bear, bear luggage tag, bear, bear car, bear bracket, bottle opener, subway card sets, ornaments, ornaments

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Beauty experience center.

Address: Floor:8 Area: A No:029-033

Operate: American retro furniture, retro furniture, bar furniture, dining room furniture, industrial furniture, new Chinese furniture, Nordic luxury furniture, clothing shop window props, personalized office furniture, iron retro decoration

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Xinli act the role ofing is tasted

Address: Floor:1 Area: A No:054

Operate: Ornament hanger, key button

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Show Thai technology

Address: Floor:1 Area: B No:057

Operate: Tattoo, nail, nail, cell phone, tile

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